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Shadow Play Puppets–Zhang Fei

Picture of Shadow Play Puppets--Zhang Fei (Gifts/Specialty, Birthday)
Shadow Play Puppets–Zhang Fei

  • The process for making the puppets is as follows: Sheep or donkey skin with hair removed is cleaned and treated chemically to become thin enough to be translucent. Coated with tung oil and dried, it is carved into various parts of dramatic figures. The trunk, head and limbs of a puppet are separately carved but joined together by thread so that each part may. be manipulated by the operator to simulate human movements. The leather puppets are painted with various colors to show their different qualities– kind or wicked, beautiful or ugly. During the performance, the “actors” are held close to a white curtain with their colored shadows cast on it by a strong light from behind. Moved by guiding sticks, they play the roles, accompanied by music, with their parts or singing done by the operators. The plays can be quite dramatic and, when it comes to fairy tales or Kung Fu stories, the “actors” may be made to ride on clouds or perform unusual feats, to the great enjoyment of the audience, especially children.
  • In the Romance of Three Kingdoms, Zhang Fei, was first a butcher, then an officer of the Kingdom of Shu and the second member of the Five Tiger Generals. According to the legend, he was sworn blood brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu, in an oath made in a Peach Garden. According to the historical data record, 188 years, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei, Guan Yu organized a local armed forces in Chohsien, joined the Eastern Han Dynasty dynasty to suppress the yellow turban insurrectionary army’s war. After the war ended, Liu Bei has established its military bloc’s regular armed forces, open flies into one of Liu Bei main military military officers.
  • Material: Ox-leather.
  • Dimensions: 4″3/4×15″.
  • Preparation Time: 2-3 working days
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