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Red Peony Cotton Dress

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Red Peony Cotton Dress

  • A magnificent cheongsam from Good Orient will make your look fabulous always. Cheongsam, also known as mandarin gown or qipao, is well known for its elegance and beauty, so it is highly popular for women as a party dress either on casual or formal occasions. This red cheongsam with short sleeves is made of cotton with magnificent peony patterns, so it feels very soft and comfortable. In Chinese culture, red can get rid of bad luck and bring happiness for people. Peony is the queen of flowers, so it is the symbol of wealth and high rank, and only the people with blue blood are entitled to be in the dress with peony patterns. On the upper part, there are six Chinese handmade frog buttons, which need a lot of labor. Both sides are made with slits toward the thigh and the length of the cheongsam is to ankle. An invisible zipper is on the back side and trimmings are decorated on the cheongsam (mandarin collar, short sleeves, and slits), going well with frog buttons.
  • Choose some chic accessories, and you will make your look fabulous always. If you are in the cheongsam with your hair in a bun, matching with a Chanel handbag and Jimmy Choo shoes, you will be more charming and elegant in a big party.
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