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Red Peacock Silk Cheongsam

Picture of Red Peacock Silk Cheongsam (Fashion, Womens)
Red Peacock Silk Cheongsam

  • How fabulous the Cheongsam is! Cheongsam, also known as qipao or mandarin gown, is well-known for its elegance and beauty, so it is highly popular either on casual or formal occasions.
  • This fantastic cheongsam is an outer garment with short sleeves and mandrin collar, covering the body down to the mid-calf. Made of red silk with peacock patterns, this gorgeous cheongsam is especially accentuating the figures and charms of women. In Chinese culture, it is believed that red can get rid of bad luck and bring good luck. On wedding ceremony, red is the preferred color for the bride and groom. Peacock is the queen of the birds, so it symbolizes great wealth and high position and only the women with blue blood are entitled to be in the dress with peacock patterns. The part near the mandarin collar is decorated with cloisonne buttons. Cloisonne is a kind of Chinese traditional handicraft and it needs a lot of labor. Yellow binding is decorated on the short sleeves and mandarin collar. Both sides are made with slits toward the thigh and the length of the Cheongsam is to mid-calf. An invisible zipper is on the back side and yellow binding is decorated on the short sleeves and mandarin collar.
  • Be creative with the accessories! Be fabulous always! If you are in the red cheongsam with chic jewellery, matching with a Chanel purse and Jimmy Choo shoes, you will be a dazzling star at a big party.
  • Mandarin collar
  • Short sleeves
  • Peacock pattern
  • Red cloisonne button
  • Yellow piping
  • Mid-calf length
  • Invisible back center zipper
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Full lining
  • Color available: Red
  • Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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