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Red Lotus Embroidered Deep Shoes

Picture of Red Lotus Embroidered Deep Shoes (Fashion, Accessories)
Red Lotus Embroidered Deep Shoes

  • This kind of shoes has a decent appearance, which give you a very comfortable feeling. With the brocade vamp, make it honour and luxuriance. The embroidered traditional clouds pattern means good luck. Pink lotus floral pattern, means honour. And the sole is the sole we called Qian Ceng Di means thousands of stitches. It is the typical Chinese shoes for everyday life worn in the past. It usually costs a deft woman whole day and night to sew a pair of soles. Thousands of stitches are totally handmade. Pure cotton from top to sole will make you feel very comfortable by wearing it.
  • With the exquisite workmanship and the comfortable fabric, it is very perfect to arrange with silk or brocade costume. It must be a good idea that you wear it and walk in a sunshine afternoon.
  • Three colors to choose: Pink, Black, Red.
  • Preparation time: 2-3 working days.
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