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Ox Bone Table Knife

Picture of Ox Bone Table Knife (Home/Family, Home Decor)
Ox Bone Table Knife

  • The auction you are bidding for is an wonderful bone knife. And there is the excellent design on the artwork, the carving character means praying.
  • It is that the Skilled Tibetan craftsman created this artwork in authentic traditional style! This is a completely handmade artwork. It is beautiful and exquisite. You can collect it; also can send it to your relatives and friends as a present too. It is handmade by Tibetan artists, and directly from Tibet. This is definitely a exquisite and valuable Handicraft for collector to grab, Don’t miss this chance to get it
  • Designed with high quality ox bone.
  • Beautifully carved with an exquisite dragon pattern.
  • Perfect workmanship.
  • Measures: 8″1/4×3/4″
  • Preparation Time: 2-3 working days
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