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Liu Bei & Guan Yu & Zhang Fei Dough Figurines Set

Picture of Liu Bei & Guan Yu & Zhang Fei Dough Figurines Set (Gifts/Specialty, Birthday)
Liu Bei & Guan Yu & Zhang Fei Dough Figurines Set

  • This figurines are full of traditional flavors. The material surprises every one who has seen it. It is hard to imagine how the ordinary dough could be made into such vivid and lifelike figurines. You must be stunned by the artisan’s superb skill.
  • These three figurines are based on the images of major characters in Chinese famous Classical novel of “Romance of Three Kingdoms”Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
  • The figurine carrying sword is the eldest brother, Liu Bei. He is also the emperor of Shu Kingdom. The elegant robe shows the unique majesty of Shu emperor and the amicable smile on his face indicates his benevolence. The figurine with long beards on his left is Guan Yu, who wears a green robe and holds a sharp sword. Heroic expression on his face indicates his frank and loyal personality. The youngest brother wears a blue robe and a golden crown. The long spear in his hand shines daunting gleams. The black complexion and thick beards indicate his valiant and rash personality. If you have ever heard of the novel of “Romance of Three Kingdoms” and have some contents of it, you must be attracted by the heroic deeds of these three men. Imagine you are traveling with these three heroes in the ancient country and galloping across the battlefield. What a heroic achievement it is!
  • Dimensions: 4″3/4Hx2″1/2D
  • Preparation time:2-3 working days
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