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Floral Small Jewelry Box with Shell Inlay

Picture of Floral Small Jewelry Box with Shell Inlay (Fashion, Accessories)
Floral Small Jewelry Box with Shell Inlay

  • The Chinese lacquer, used to be palace art for loyal families in ancient times, originates in China and reached its prime in Han Dynasty(206B.C.—220A.D.)”Xiu” Lacquer, a core art form of all lacquer-wares, often associated with ancient Chinese architecture lacquer, became very specific and unique one during Ming Dynasty(1368—1644A.D.)due to the development of social civilization and the constant pursuit of fortune by mankind and result in separation from ancient Chinese architecture. However, the lacquer-ware shows its great popularity not only because of the materials it is made of but also the linking of people’s daily life.
  • The flexibility, durability and anti-acid erosion of the fine essence the Chinese lacquer possesses indicates great familiarity of people’s hope and imagination and that is why people like to use this art form as a kind of special language to express their deep, profound and dedicate emotion.
  • Floral sea shell inlay
  • Material: Lacquer.
  • Dimensions: 2″1/2Wx1″1/2H
  • Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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