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Chinese Zodiac Purple Sand Teapot—Monkey

Picture of Chinese Zodiac Purple Sand Teapot---Monkey (Home/Family, Home Decor)
Chinese Zodiac Purple Sand Teapot—Monkey
The story of teapots begins with their necessity — the development of tea and its regular consumption required an efficient, and later an aesthetically pleasing, vessel for brewing and drinking.

  • At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in China, leaf infusion as we know it now became popular. The earliest examples of teapots come from this period, made from the zisha, or “purple” clay, of the YiXing region of China. Pottery in the YiXing tradition has been strong since the Sung Dynasty (960-1279); wares are valued for their fine texture, thin walls, and naturally beautiful coloration ranging from light buff to deep maroon tones. The transition from drinking bowls to teapots was a smooth one. YiXing teapots were, and still are, used to brew tea as well as act as the drinking vessel — one sips directly from the spout of a single-serving pot. YiXing teapots gradually season, the unglazed clay absorbing the flavor of brewed tea, making them a favorite choice for tea lovers. The dissemination of YiXing teapots greatly influenced not only the forms of teapots found throughout the world, but also prompted the invention of hard-paste porcelain in the western world.
  • Dimensions: 2″3/4Dx2″H
  • Note: <>Not including the display table
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