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Brazil Ivory Nut Decoration

Picture of Brazil Ivory Nut Decoration (Home/Family, Home Decor)
Brazil Ivory Nut Decoration
The tagua tree is a palm tree. Native to tropical South Africa and South America, it produces a material resembling ivory — hence vegetable ivory. Its oval-shaped fruit is called a tagua nut. When the fruit ripens, the lower part splits open and the negritos (nut) falls to the ground. The unripe nut is good to eat. But when it matures, it becomes hard and white; the material takes dye well and can be polished.

  • As all tagua nuts have natural small openings, it sometimes happens that the carved pieces come with small openings. The carving of the tagua nut requires a lot of talent. Each carved nut shows the achievement of a master carver. Carved vegetable ivory is the best way to protect the environment. When you buy a carved tagua nut, you have a wonderful collector

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